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Re: The sacrifice vs the gain?

Mike Gerstner wrote:

My interest lies more in the end result, although I find reading the "layman's versions" of how/why it works posted by some interesting.

Resolution aside, my thinking (?) is saying that there will be a little less tonal gradation in exchange for lower noise (less color blotching, higher usable ISOs), and with the 14bit output wider DR.

yes, no, maybe, ??

Yes, correct. That's exactly what should happen. So in the end the Merrill Foveon as a design in the ideal world with no noise and heat issues would trounce the results of this Foveon (assume same bitness RAW and resolution), but in the real world this design should pull ahead by avoiding the noise issues, color constancy, etc the previous sensor had.

I think we can safely assume that on the average case there will be an advantage- otherwise why Sigma will bother.  Even if it kept the effective perceived color resolution similar to the previous Foveon but gained said 2 stops ISO performance, that's still a win in my book.

fwiw.....the max exposure is still only 30sec (heat is still a problem), and did I read that there will be a remote shutter release?.......that would be a very welcome function.

Also the ISO only climbs to ISO 6400, so I am not expecting a major miracle jump that would match say a Fuji Xtrans in high ISO, but I expect a notable jump vs the Merrill.

What I find interesting is that for B&W it may very well match or near match other contemporary sensors. To me that's a huge win.


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