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Re: Color resolution charts more needed than ever

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

DMillier wrote:


What about colour resolution? Is is still going to be equal across all colours?

Now color doesn't enter into it as much as amount of color.

Will foveon fans stop demanding the use of colour resolution charts in future reviews?

Your mistake is thinking that was for the sake of Sigma. That was for the sake of PHOTOGRAPHERS. It would help understand AA filter strength in bayer cameras. It would help understand possible artifacts from any camera. Sigma could make a camera that measured light using only lasers it shot out the front and color resolution charts wold still be called for. More now than ever, don't you want to se how this behaves with a color resolution chart? I sure do.

What about subtle colour gradation, will this be retained?

Yes, that is easily retained.

I cannot retain the same color gradation of the previous Foveon, 14-bit vs 12-bit RAW aside (14-bits will sure be better).

What about artefacts? Will the new quattro layout mean there will demosaic like artefacts?

Totally unknown, I cannot think of what artifacts are possible. The only thing I can come up with is possible color bleeding in some cases.

There are several artifacts. I wasn't quite right in taking back color moire- we could have a weird luminance moire now along with the color but that should still be better than having the typical color moire of an AAless Bayer.

This is not new- this is similar to what Texture compression algorithms do in GPU. As you well note, color bleeding is a potential problem. Color resolution certainly suffers. A full red color mesh (ISO 100/full spectrum light) will be captured better by the previous Foveon overall, but that's an extreme case.

Can someone walk through how this new architecture actually works? Roland? Anybody?

How about waiting for a camera and seeing what it does instead of thinking about what it does? None of us know nearly enough to say for sure how it will work. We don't even know for sure if the layers are offset or not!

If the layers were offset Sigma would have trumpeted this. We already covered that. I agree we need to see the final product to see how it works but it is not true some of us can say some things. This is  similar to techniques for texture compression on the Sony Playstation 2 whose GPU did not have texture compression in hardware.

The big question is how much better ISO we got.  If I had to do a guess, I would say 2 stops only because I think Sigma wouldn't have bothered if it just improved it by one stop- not quite worth the trouble.

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