Looking For The Best All Around Camera - Small-ish

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Looking For The Best All Around Camera - Small-ish

Ok, Iv'e been lurking for a while now and I need a push. I've been looking at the rx100II known to be one of the best, if not the best in its class. I went to the Sony store and held it, and while I am sure its nice, it is a bit too small. However not out of the question.

I have also been looking at the X100S and would have already bought it if it was not a fixed lens. Still debating on if that is a big deal to me or not. If I weren't able to take an intended pic because of the distance between me and the object was too great and I could not move closer, could I crop the photo and make it zoom? Or will it become too pixelated EX: A 20ft boat is 75 yards away from shore and I ideally wanted it to seem like a was 15ft from it.

The XE2. Its a logical choice given its the same size as the 100s (oh ya, I like that size) and zooms. But the lens is pretty large and it does not seem to be quite as portable because of it. Thoughts?

X20. Hmm big step down I suppose? Has zoom, similar to the 100s in size with its pancake lens. Would it be a drastic change in image quality. WITHOUT pixel-peeping?

What else?????

My budget is no more than $1300

My intended use: Outdoors, in nature not fast moving. An example would be a camping trip and want to capture a shot with all my friends etc.....At the park with my gf and dog - laid back environment. In door like a dimly lit restaurant.  Taking pictures of things further away. Which is where the zoom would be nice, but if I can crop with minimal to no drop in IQ then no big deal - I guess (as stated above, still debating that.)

I'm sure I may be missing an important detail. I will be refreshing the browser frequently to check for new posts, so I should respond pretty quick

Thank You!

Fujifilm X100S Fujifilm X-E2 Sony RX100
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