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Re: Sony A7R vs Sigma DP3Merrill

OvinceZ wrote:

I posted this on the Sigma forum but want to get a reaction from Sony owners.

One of the things about photography and the internet is that we get caught up in all the new offerings and feel compelled to buy the latest and greatest. I recently got the A7R and was keen to try it out in Sydney where it is summer. Last Friday I walked across the Anzac Bridge and brought my tripod with me to make sure the photos were as sharp as possible. I used the DP3M a lot, too, because I knew I would get plenty of detail in photos.

I took many shots from the same location using both cameras. I could have used my 70-200F4is lens to have a similar focal length to the 75mm equivalent Sigma lens. However, I wasn't doing a comparison and besides, I dislike changing lenses too often. I used the 35mm FE lens and also my 50mm Canon macro lens with the Metabones adapter. When I viewed the photos on my 30 inch monitor I was surprised at how awful the cables looked in all photos but the Sigma produced them clearer. The distant buildings were clearer on the Sigma. Makes me wonder why I got the A7R. However, I am pleased with it for most occasions. The cables on this bridge are a challenge for any lens and camera. It was also quite warm in the afternoon so there could be some atmospheric distortion caused by the warm, black cable coverings. The fence beside the footpath is also lacking much detail but looks better in the Sigma photo. The fence is a wire mesh having rectangular holes about 1 inch X 2 1/2 inches. No way you can get a lens through those gaps. Curses on the engineers who replaced the original fence. I guess security is everything nowadays. They could have put small holes along the fence so you could put your lens though it. The views from up there are beautiful. I had to use my tripod and 10 second timer and hoisted the camera above the 9 foot high fence. Took a few goes to get the right framing. The shutter is so loud and pronounced on the A7R that I always knew when the shutter was activated! I could feel the vibrations.

Have a look and see for yourself. No editing whatever in any of the photos. Straight out of the camera jpgs from the Sony. The Sigma files were put through the process to get a tiff file then saved in Photoshop as a jpg. Reduced the size to make them manageable here.

I agree, these are not up to the A7r's capabilities.

- Did you use Raw? The Sony images look super, over processed. What are your Lightroom default settings? You mentioned OOC jpg and generally, that's considered an issue. You have to change the in camera  settings to reduce the noise reduction and even some sharpness. Default OOC jpgs are awful on the A7 and A7r to me. But you can easily change that.

- The Canon Macro is probably not the best thing to put on that A7r, nor necessarily the best thing to use for that scene. I'd rather see it with the 55 1.8 FE. The Canon being a macro lens doesn't strike me as a particularly good landscape lens.

- Don't forget that the Sigma gets a big advantage by using a 75mm equivalent lens. Everything is closer, filling the frame better and providing more immediate detail.

- But what concerns me most is the degree of underexposure and shadow blocking you're showing with the Sony. What happened to your dynamic range? That A7R should be able to eat that scene up. Instead, it's way underexposed and everything is either shadow or over exposed. Check your default Lightroom import settings. Something's very off in your dynamic range and therefore the rest of your image.

So I'm not sure you're shooting the A7r as well as you could be. I can't begin to guess how it should compare to the Sigma, but I'm fairly certain those images are not up to the A7r's capabilities.

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