The Crop Equalizer to 6d FF with F4L Zoom lenses

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The Crop Equalizer to 6d FF with F4L Zoom lenses

The equalizer for me is called the 35 F2 IS + 24 F2.8 IS plus Toki 10-17 on two bodies SL1 + T4i for about the same money as

...a 6D + either 24-105 F4 IS or 24-70 F4 IS zooms


35 f2 IS scores 14 MPix on T5i, T4i, 70d, SL1 (dxomark)

24-70 f4 IS or 24-105 f4 IS only achieves 14 MPix on 6d (dxomark)


f/2.0, 1/100, ISO 400 on 1.6x is equivalent to

f/3.2, 1/100, ISO 1000 on FF


so f4 is 2/3 stops behind the 35 IS (F3.2, 56 fov) crop soln. with the F4 lens on FF,

and iso 1000 is 1 and 1/3 stops behind the 35 IS crop soln (iso 400) with the FF

Thus a total of approx 2 stops is made up by the crop setup with the 35 f2 IS prime equalizer.

And what about no coma, no weak edges, and no high vignette on crop

And what about no F2 or F2.8 IS lens in the 56 FOV range for FF?

And what about buying two bodies and three lenses for the price of 1 body and 1 lens

enough to buy a T4i and SL1, the 35 f2 IS the 24 IS and the toki 10-17 for the price of one 6d and one of the f4L zooms. The T4i BTW has 9 focus cross types for the focus at rule of 1/3's for the shallow FF equivalent of F3.2

Hmm, where did the noise advantage and shallow dof advantage and resolution advantage and lens issue advantages go with these F4L zoom lenses on FF?

F4 lenses are Meh on FF imo. FF is mostly about F1.2- F2.8 lenses to see the FF advantage imo

btw, I own FF for the longer 70mm+ lengths -- at F2.8L

Conclusion: Spend the higher funds on primes with the FF solution imo. Otherwise multiple crop with prime solutions can be an equalizer to the FF-- F4-- IQ.

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