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Re: practicalities of Blu-Ray archiving?

kelpdiver wrote:

malch wrote:

Perhaps I'm being unfair to Blu-Ray. But by my reckoning, HDD's are a better overall option even if we give Blu-Ray media the benefit of the doubt and assume every burn of every disk is perfect in every respect. That's based on a combination of cost, disk management, performance, convenience, longevity, etc.

In the very long run, I think we'll more easily read a blu-ray data disk than mount an SATA drive.

But I don't need or expect my SATA drive to be readable for 50 years. I'll move the data to a new device (with full verification) every five years anyway!

It doesn't matter what you use -- at some point every media type is subject to some deterioration and the data will need to be rewritten to new media.

Perhaps Blu-Ray media will last 50 years and that gives it an advantage over HDD's. But nobody really knows for sure the longevity of Blu-Ray. 50 years life is more of a hope and aspiration than a fact.

In any event, when I do need to rewrite the data, I can say that rewriting a 2/3TB HDD will be one heck of a lot faster and more convenient than the equivalent Blu-Ray's.

So if SATA is replaced by TATA in 3 years, I'll rewrite my SATA disk to a TATA disk a couple of years later. Thus my data will always be on a relatively current storage technology.  Same when TATA is replaced. Yes, I'll have to perform more copy operations that I would with a medium having a 50 year life. But if the copy is fast and convenient that's not a big deal.

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