Struggling with D7100

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Re: D7100 impresses me....

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Wow reading this thread has been fun One thing I really don't understand from the opposing point of view though. All one has to do is zero the adjustment back out if one gets lost. How could this possibly be viewed as "dangerous" or "over-hyped" ? If you have the time and even a small amount of ability you could easily experiment with every lens and if you find a setting that suits you better....great, if not put it back to zero and go on. Jeeez what a bunch of drivel about nothing except opinionated posturing.

Not so, kiddo. NOT my first rodeo, I speak from experience. I never said one couldn't simply set it back to zero. What I'm referring to, by "dangerous" is the oh so typical "experts" giving advice without having a thorough understanding themselves, not to mention little or no "product" to back up their expertise.

NOT posturing, not drivel. I have helped MANY, MANY people here, and, in fact, my intent was and is to help the OP avoid jumping to conclusions, because THAT is what happens on forums like these ALL DAY LONG.

AND, as I also clearly stated, to each there own.

Happy shooting to us all!

The problem is that the OP, based on the fact that the D7100 is a back up to a D3s, and based on their images, is not a beginner or inexperienced photographer.

I understand completely that your experience has been that AF Fine Tuning is rarely necessary, and especially with a sensor like the 24mp in the D7100, I wouldn't disagree....."focus" issues more often than not being attributed to things like motion blur, etc....especially with beginners. Keep in mind however that there are some experienced photographers here, some of which have had the exact opposite experience that you did. My D7100 required AF Fine Tuning, and I exhausted every single alternative to it before doing so, to the tune of thousands of frames. Ultimately, it required a universal -7, and a -16 with my 80-200 f2.8D (and that produces sharp, well focused images from a minimum distance to infinity with all my lenses at those settings).

For the OP to come here asking for the help they did, and based on their images and primary equipment, I would say the need for AF Fine Tuning is a very real possibility.

Point taken, and that may be the case (needing fine tune).  One of the biggest reasons I spend much less time here lately is because every thread gets "answered" by "experts" to a ridiculous degree, and very often those answers are "one thing fixes all" types.  And no, I didn't go look at the OP's photos, but as well, just because someone owns a D3-whatever, I don't assume they know what they're doing.  Also, many people are good artists but have poor technical understanding.

I'm just the opposite.  I devour "tech".  Now, if I could just figure out how to compose a dang photo....

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