What are advantages of Df over D600/D610

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Re: What are advantages of Df over D600/D610

Shotcents wrote:

Patrick McMahon wrote:

Rservello wrote:

I'm not being sarcastic. I seriously would like to see a nice image at 12,800

Nothing special for sure... but 12800 as I practiced manual focus...

Should fit the bill for "nice"

Nice....but here's two lesser shots (simple tests) done at 12800 and 25600!

12800 and 25600 straight out of camera with no processing. What truly amazes me is how spot on the colors are. Light source is a single overhead defused 60 watt bulb. The actual scene is very dark.

...would have been very bright had that 60 watt bulb exploded - good thing you defused it!

Lens is the tiny (almost pancake) 50mm 1.8 E series AIS. Honestly...the Df is a flashless small camera.



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