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Well, you might be right, but even under all the Java, Android isn't running a real time kernel. This is unnecessary for many things, but for a high end camera I think it's something to really consider carefully. It's not something I would worry about for a point and shoot, but for a flagship model I would.

I don't see anything online that backs up the idea that Tizen is so fundamentally different in this regard, or that it has an inherent advantage in being applied to various hardware.

Samsung's Tizen on the NX300 is using a very tightly limited UI shell, unlike the full 4.2 they loaded onto the Galaxy NX. Were it to be a looser, more open Linux platform, I'm sure the NX300 would suffer from the same resource bogging as its pricier sibling.

Now, I don't believe Tizen is actually fully an RTOS either, but it's a lot closer than Android is.  The whole point of an RTOS is that resource bogging will not affect time critical tasks, that they will complete on time, every time (well in a traditional RTOS there will be no bogging down).  Traditionally one would either use something fully dedicated as a real time OS or one would decide that you're not actually working on something critical and ditch the real time requirements.  What is starting to happen more now is to segment portions of the same OS so that dedicated tasks run as real time processes while others are non-essential.  This means that if you're running a browser watching a flash video and downloading a torrent and you see something awesome that you need a real burst for.  Then you will get your full 8.6 fps (or whatever the given camera has) when you press down the trigger, quite possibly at the expense of everything else hanging, but hey, priorities right.  On a non-RTOS it is probably the new task that will get hung, and if the notorious flash is involved, well, that could hang up the whole system.  This partial RTOS approach seems to be very much the direction Tizen is heading and it is even seeing some adoption into the automotive industry (a very conservative and cautious industry in the U.S.).  Android is in a very different boat, being built around broad compatibility with non-critical consumer level devices.  Regarding a looser Linux platform, there are numerous full desktop OSs that I suspect perform faster than Android with a full graphical interface (this could be verified running x86 Android and then one of those OSs on the same device, which I have done but I wasn't looking to time and do comparisons of that nature at the time), which I would probably include Arch, Puppy, and Damn Small Linux just as a starting list.

I haven't really looked into how easy/difficult it is to convert the Android kernel to a real time one without breaking anything. Briefly it looks like you may also need to replace the Java runtime environment as well if you want real time.

Still not seeing how all that is necessary to get Android to power a camera, or how Tizen is inherently better suited or more capable in full desktop configuration.

The configuration isn't very important here, the kernel is, and the Android kernel is very different from even a stock Linux kernel, let alone one optimised for embedded use.  Some kernel developers are none too pleased with what goes on in the Android kernel.  Now, it's true that Android is starting to be used in other embedded devices, but they remain non-critical ones and Android is used in part because they are mostly media devices and in part because they are mostly relatively inexpensive ARM chips, and mostly just because everyone has heard of it by now.

In short, I wouldn't say it's inherent, rather it's the design goals of the different projects (and as a result their current states) that make Tizen more suitable as a performance critical embedded OS (though a completely RTOS is probably yet more responsive and is probably what we see in Canon and Nikon cameras, at least the old ones, it's my best guess for what the 5D Classic is rolling on anyway).

Maybe I should make some time to dig into the source code Samsung did release, I've had it downloaded for ages, just need to find some time to try following the compilation directions and poke around.

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