Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

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Re: practicalities of Blu-Ray archiving?

malch wrote:

Perhaps I'm being unfair to Blu-Ray. But by my reckoning, HDD's are a better overall option even if we give Blu-Ray media the benefit of the doubt and assume every burn of every disk is perfect in every respect. That's based on a combination of cost, disk management, performance, convenience, longevity, etc.

In the very long run, I think we'll more easily read a blu-ray data disk than mount an SATA drive.  Same with just the long run.   PATA ports are disappearing from motherboards and one may soon have to resort to a specialty PCIe card.

But then again, HDDs shouldn't be the answer for long term archival.  That's not their function.   They're brilliant for near term online backups.

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