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Re: practicalities of Blu-Ray archiving?

Oh yes, it was SushiEater who posted, perhaps in reference to DVD: "The worst one is Memorex which I traced to Ridata as a maker. The best one is Verbatim."

BD-R is available from both Memorex and Verbatim at about the same price. Ridata is also known as Ritek, I believe.

I use Nero with data verification, or Brasero on Linux, but have not seen an error log, so I will look for it.

malch wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

I don't burn BluRay discs so I can't speak for them specifically, but in the DVD world I found that it was very important to test your burns by using a drive that could report raw error rates in conjunction with software like Nero DiskSpeed that could report them. The problem with DVDs (and this would apply to BluRay as well) is that the disk can be riddled with errors but play perfectly because the ECC codes correct the problems on the fly. But an error-riddled disk is much more susceptible to data loss because it only takes a slight degradation before things get so bad that the ECC codes are overwhelmed. And some brands of DVDs in conjunction with some burners are a lot more susceptible to degradation than others.

In my experience, this was a HUGE problem with DVD's. I found it necessary to test each batch of DVD blanks on multiple readers before I'd have any confidence in my supposedly successful burns.

I understand that Blu-Ray is much better behaved in this regard but I very much doubt that all of the cross-compatibility problems have been eliminated and it would not be prudent to assume they have.

Perhaps I'm being unfair to Blu-Ray. But by my reckoning, HDD's are a better overall option even if we give Blu-Ray media the benefit of the doubt and assume every burn of every disk is perfect in every respect. That's based on a combination of cost, disk management, performance, convenience, longevity, etc.

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