Suggestions on a tablet for pp? a few q's...

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Re: lol Re: Suggestions on a tablet for pp? a few q's...

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Actually I take it all back, for a newbie just get an iPad. working around all it's limitations and trying to figure out way to do really basic stuff, like copying some files from one place to another will be an 'exciting adventure'. Figuring out how to store your images from your SD card onto that WiFi harddrive at 30,000 feet and exporting to dropbox will be 'fun' and you can ask the Genius Bar on the plane and you definitely won't run out of battery... well on most flights, unlike my last Asus which only ran for a measly 19 hours on the battery.

The other thing that will be 'great' is editing your photos on the go, uploading them and sharing them on the go. When you get back you can continue to edit them... but onky on your iPad, thats ok though as the HDD stores them for you, so you can edit them from scratch on your main computer, because editing things twice is extra fun.

How about we import the files using one app but then decide that you want to use an editing feature in another app, because of those hundreds of $10 apps you buy that were all such a bargain, not one of them does everything you need, they all do this and that, but you need to do two things in two different apps. Well that's cool because they are on the same device and it's so smart and easy to use that files app can't be used in another, they're sandboxed. Oh well thats ok we can work around that, first I wilk edit my RAW in app a) then... oh wait, uhm ok so I edit my RAW in app a) then i'll upload a JPEG to dropbox, cool! Look how fun this is! Now I will get app b) to download the JPEG (yeah it's only 8bit but hey, I'm having fun! So I'll just point app b) to the JPEG in dropbox... erm wait, this app doesn't connect to dropbox... Ok so i'll email myself the JPEG so I can download it to my camera roll and then I can definitely edit my JPEG in app b)... oh except the full res JPEG is too big for my email, ok so i'll use the downsize facility in the email app to make the JPEG smaller, hey it's still fun! Look at me I'm editing on the go! Oh cool! it finished uploading to my email server, now I just need to wait a moment, yep there's the email weee! Problem solving with this thing is just more fun!

Ok so now I just wait for my attachment to download.. ok done. Now I'll just save it to the camera roll, ok! Phew! Boy is this fun! Ok so I go find my app, now I look in the camera roll and bam! There it is, wahoo! Look I'm totally owning this iPad thing and look my battery is only at 90%.

Now I can do that other edit, just play with this little slider and bring up those shadows and it will be perfect... oh. That doesn't look so great. Hmm maybe I should have applied an xyz in app a) before bringing into app b)? Though maybe it is because it has been exported to JPEG and then downsized in the mail app? Maybe if I go back to app a) and start again... Or maybe i'll wait until we land, I'm sure they'll have a genius bar... that will be cool, *singing* making a little trip to the genius bar on this trip, so so fun leanring the new iPad, by the way I don't think I showed the guy next to me how thin it is, look guy it's so thin and did I mention light? *singing*...

Oh but look I have heaps of battery life to get me through this flight, maybe some angry birds could be fun? Gosh this iPad sure does have everything! So fun!

I'm glad that nobody tried to steer you away from an iPad, just think if they had and you listened how much fun you would miss out on

thanks for lightening the mood and addressing some of my concerns at the same time


Seriously they will all do it in one way or another.

Another thing to keep in mind is that just because something 'can' edit RAW files doesn't mean they always do a good job of it, as we know from the many debates about which RAW prcessor is best. I don't see a lot of comparisons between RAW processor output on tablet devices with RAW processing software, it's almost like reviewers (and users) are so excited by the fact they can even do it at all on their device that they stop caring how well it works compared to the established software (such as Lightroom, Aperture, DXO etc).

I would prefer to work with software that I know works and is going to process my RAWs in exactly the same way as I do at home, even if it means the computer is a little slower.

I think that Asus Vivotab Note 8 M80TA is well worth a look, a bit like a Galaxy Note 8 but obviously running more traditional software, should run about $350 for the 64GB version - which should leave you enough to buy a copy of LR or similar.

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