What are advantages of Df over D600/D610

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Re: What are advantages of Df over D600/D610

enkindler wrote:

The DF is lighter, has a stop faster non-boost ISO. The DF has both af-on and ae-lock and has much lower shutter lag and startup times.

Obviously the workflow and controls are slightly different between the two but there isn't that much of a difference in "good" light between most of these cameras including apc sized cameras.

I personally wanted the extra stop of native ISO and the controls that I have become use to on the "pro" level bodies over the past several years. I owned a D600 that had the rare oil problem and upgraded to the D800 but I will say that for most photographs any of these cameras (even the D5100) would do a great job. The latest generation of cameras are all pretty much amazing but it depends on how you want to work and what you find important.

Personally I live in a place that is very dim even at noon in the winter and for me the extra stop of native ISO

Digital cameras have a base ISO.  Everything else is pushed from that base ISO exposure. The only reason very high, or very low, ISO's get into the custom functions or hi- settings is those take longer for the camera to process and so the camera won't operate according to specs for fps purposes.

was worth the extra cost just as it is sometimes worth paying three times as much for an extra 2/3 of stop on a lens. I also use ae-l and af-on all the time and like how easy it is to switch ISO compared to the D610.

I also mix strobes so the sync port is nice to have. But these are all minor differences and the styling of the Df wasn't even a factor in my choice although I will admit to liking it now that I own the camera.

But to be honest, outside of that extra stop of native ISO I could most likely take the same photos with both.

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