SONY NEX-3N -Tips and settings shooting indoors with low light

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Re: SONY NEX-3N -Tips and settings shooting indoors with low light

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Question: For low light which would be better: RAW and Lightroom to rescue exposure issues or jpeg and rely on the camera's wizardy to nail the exposure and compensate for the low light?


You are really asking if you should use RAW or JPEG. The exposure is fixed regardless of RAW or JPEG. If you want good image quality, shoot both. RAW will definitely give you more details but your software needs to know how to do lens compensation.

RAW + LR gives you much more leeway than pp'ing JPG to recover low exposure/shadows - in fact if you ever need over iso800, you may as well stay at iso800, shoot dim, and boost brightness later in raw/lr (the camera is merely doing the same thing - boosting brightness after sensor exposure - but giving you less control and the risk of blowing highlights). And you still have the JPGs if you want them.

I don't really understand how it works. Do you shoot in manual mode?

You can fix the ISO to 800 but the camera is going to change shutter or aperture or both. Most likely, it is not what you want. Besides, what is the difference of shooting at ISO 800 but a very dim image and boost brightness vs shooting at ISO 3200, both in RAW with shutter speed and aperture equal? Won't in you ended up with the same image? ISO 800 will have less noise but the noise will show up when you boost the brightness. And how do you recall what the lighting condition was when you took the picture?

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