My experience with too many m4/3 lenses

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My experience with too many m4/3 lenses

I want to share with you my experience in just few months in this m4/3 world.

I started last June with a used GX1. It took me a short while to understand that I do not like Panasonic jpeg colours (I am a jpeg shooter).. I found skin tones awful.

So I entered the Oly camera world: PL3. I spent the whole summer with it and found it great in terms of colour rendition, but I felt the 16mp GX1 sensor was better at high iso and in terms of resolution.. so finally got a PM2. I am very happy with it, great IQ, pocketable but still get the full control on every shot (I shoot in A 100% of my pics). I will jump on the EM10 as soon as it arrives in Europe, since I miss sometimes a viewfinder.

Let's come to the lenses.

I was using a Fuji X20 which has a 28-90 eq zoom. When I entered the m4/3 system I immediately got a P20 as a standard lens and Oly 45 for portrait. That's it!

But then I also got a 15mm bodycap lens: a cheap way to have a wideangle, I thought.

I loved the 20 and 45 but hated the bodycap.. and at the same time I learned about the Sigma 60.. so I sold the 45 and with more or less the same money I bought a P14 and Sigma 60, to complete my trinity with the 20.

I loved the 60 and I think the 14 is a great tiny lens ..but I rarely used it since I had my 20 on most of the times.

At that time I got a good deal on ebay on a Oly 17 2.8, which I needed because of the BAD banding the 20 caused on my PM2 (unbelievable). I ended up loving the FOV of the 17, and I think it has a very good IQ (yes!), but the focusing is slooooow...

In the meantime, I had used some old Praktica lenses with adapters and I loved the FOV of a 28mm... long story short: I also got a Sigma 30 and - surprise - ended up using this most of the time. Even more often of my banding-20!! The 30 is fast focusing, sharp more than enough, BUT it is only 2.8...

So, my dilemma was: finding a good lens, non-bading, sharp with fast internal focus in the 14-30 range, in order to be used as a standard lens for my PM2 (while I could count on the 60 for portraits).

I thus got a Panaleica 25 straight from Japan (good deal on ebay)... well... not sure I liked it. I mean great IQ and nothing wrong with it... but just I did not had the right feeling with it. Moreover: rumors on a smaller and cheaper Oly 25 were emerging...

Now I had to try the last option: Oly 17 f1.8. Well, I found my champion!

So: I ended up selling the P14, the Oly 17, the P20, the PL25 and the Sigma 30. I am finally happy with my Oly 17 f1.8 as a standard lens attached as my default lens on my PM2.

But it's not over.

Interestingly: when I sold the Panaleica 25 I got some money + a used Oly 45.. again! Well, I admit I was wrong when I initially sold it. This lens has a magic look. While the Sigma 60 is sharp, the Oly 45 is sharp and.. magic! I am now thinking of selling the Sigma..

After so many changes I am now back to my initial 'team': 1 normal-wide and 1 short-tele: I maintained the 45 for the tele and I now have a 17 f1.8 instead of the P20 for normal use.

Oh... I also got a 40-150 that I mainly use at 150... impressed so far by the performance of this cheap lens.

Lesson learned: primes make you (at least made me) a better photographer. But too many lenses are not good for me! 3 are ok: I usually walk out from home with camera and just 1 lens (depending on my feeling of the day) and then just try to have fun with it, struggling to get the most of my creativity in order to have a good set of keepers from my combo camera-lens of the day. I zoom a lot with my feet, and I am looking forward to get my em10 since i NEED a viewfinder.

Ok... I know that I will also get an Oly 25 sooner or later...

This will never ends, you know it.

Fujifilm X20 Olympus OM-D E-M10 Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1
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