The E-5 at high ISOs ...

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Re: The E-5 at high ISOs ...

Bravo! Thank you.

An interesting exercise. The improvement in third party image processing software over the last couple of years probably should raise some questions about the role of digital imaging software used in real-time Digital Signal Processing.

Moving digital image data manipulation to the desktop removes a huge data processing bottleneck in-camera. Since the camera needs to process the data in “real time” (i.e. “very quickly”) something has to give somewhere. The device design has to balance processing speed with on-the-fly data extrapolation and compression, input and output (cf. "live view"). In other words, for a very, very simplistic example, if you took the Digital Signal Processor and supporting hardware from the D800 and plunked it into an E5, you would have an E5 probably close to the size of a D800 but you’d probably have the same ISO and noise signature. It all comes down to how fast one can move those ones and zeros, and add, subtract, multiply and divide them.

Move a lot of that in-camera data manipulation to the desktop and it’s a whole new world. IBM made a fortune selling scalable processing leases. The camera industry probably has been doing much the same. Want less noise? Maybe you need a faster (more expensive) processor in that box.

A beginners guide to dsp:

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