What are advantages of Df over D600/D610

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Re: What are advantages of Df over D600/D610

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If you are into old lenses, the Df will mount and meter just about all the F mount lenses made from inception in 1959 which no other DSLR can do.

The D600/610 will mount and meter any AI and AIS lenses which is probably about 90% of the manual lenses out there. You would have to be a bit of a vintage lens nut to deliberately seek the very earliest lenses. No evidence that the Df is any better for handling and focussing manual lenses.

I think it is mainly that old lenses look classier on a retro body.

Not really, there will be far less than 90% AI or AIS lenses around. The Non AI lenses were made from 1959 to the early 1970's. Ai came in the 70's. Some can be adapted to AI but not all. For exmplle the 5.8cm f1.4 cannot be Ai"D. There are some very exotic and unique non Ai lenses in the Nikkor collection. I have quite a few. There are a lot of vintage lens nuts around and they are buying Df's like me. Its great that these lenses are now very usable again.

You may be right, but if lenses that old are your interest (and I have some nice non-Nikon glass from back then) you could throw the Sony A7 into the mix as a much cheaper and manual-friendly option than the Df, with the bonus adapting pretty much any non-Nikon lenses too.

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