Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

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Re: Inconveniences are many

CAcreeks wrote:

This criticism would be correct for Hulu Plus, which has a really terrible user interface compared to Netflix.

Netflix has a dozens of different interfaces, depending on the device.  Some, like my TV, don't even have search functionality, FFS.  The login time on my dvd player matches/exceeds the boot time on my ancient hd-dvd player.

The ability of Netflix to back up and resume really amazes me, as somebody who knows a bit about IP protocols.

Anyway, to correct your earlier misconception, we do have a Blu-Ray player in the house. I have not used it yet.

It's not amazing to me.   Beyond simple pause and play, it is choppy and easy to overshoot.   But then again, I've actually used the blu-ray/dvd players in house for 13 years.

Have no idea what this has to do with IP.

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