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ttbek wrote:

Well, you might be right, but even under all the Java, Android isn't running a real time kernel. This is unnecessary for many things, but for a high end camera I think it's something to really consider carefully. It's not something I would worry about for a point and shoot, but for a flagship model I would.

I don't see anything online that backs up the idea that Tizen is so fundamentally different in this regard, or that it has an inherent advantage in being applied to various hardware.

Samsung's Tizen on the NX300 is using a very tightly limited UI shell, unlike the full 4.2 they loaded onto the Galaxy NX. Were it to be a looser, more open Linux platform, I'm sure the NX300 would suffer from the same resource bogging as its pricier sibling.

I haven't really looked into how easy/difficult it is to convert the Android kernel to a real time one without breaking anything. Briefly it looks like you may also need to replace the Java runtime environment as well if you want real time.

Still not seeing how all that is necessary to get Android to power a camera, or how Tizen is inherently better suited or more capable in full desktop configuration.

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