Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

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Re: practicalities of Blu-Ray archiving?

CAcreeks wrote:

I do not see Blu-Ray M-Disk Millenniata for sale, but the M-Disk DVDs are quite expensive.

I am very dubious:

* The Blu-Ray M-Disks were supposed to be available last fall but it seems they've been delayed.

* The Blu-Ray M-Disk capacity is only 25GB.

* I assume the cost will be at least $5 (based on $3 for their DVD's).

* Their website features the Blu-Ray M-Disk but when you try to buy one they substitute the DVD M-Disk but it took quite a while for me to figure this out. I was left feeling very uneasy about this company.

* Their claims for longevity appear to be just claims. No independent lab verification that I could fine. I have also hunted through NIST's site and find no real data on the M-Disk or even Blu-Ray in general. NIST have published papers on CD and DVD longevity but I can't find anything that has been updated for Blu-Ray. Personally, I find that a little disconcerting.

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