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Re: Body size: way longer

Hardy Steiner wrote:

While the body looks a bit thinner (apart from the grip), the width is quite different:

Quattro: 161.4mm

DP2M: 121.5mm

Wow, ca. 4 cm more, that is quite a bit, no?

Height is more or less the same.


Quattro: 81.6mm

DP2M: 59.2mm

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I suspect that Sigma have designed the camera for tripod use so body width is not the be all and end all.

If you are carrying two or three of these around in a bag with a tripod, the body width is not such a huge issue. I wonder if Sigma are trying to push the camera more towards the pros and whether they are really positioning it as an alternative to FF for serious use. I suspect one is buying an optimised lens and sensor and body is designed for maximum convenience in use rather than maximum portability.

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