Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

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practicalities of Blu-Ray archiving?

bronxbombers4 wrote:
Blu-Ray ... now costs no more per MB than DVD and it burns much faster per MB and it takes up a lot less storage room since each disc holds so much more. Plus you can get special 1000 year discs (so you don't have to worry about disc rot, which I pray is not as bad as some claim, since I have lots of stuff on regular discs blu-eay and dvd). Last year I switched over to blu-ray from DVD for that, earlier on blu-ray burning used to cost way more.

Based on current Amazon prices, DVD+R costs $.25 a blank vs $.87 a blank for Memorex Blu-Ray, so BRR is actually cheaper!

Optical Quantum blanks are even cheaper, but I am not sure they are trustworthy. Didn't somebody recommend Memorex over Verbatim?

Blu-Ray dual layer blanks cost $3.50 each, so they are not yet cost effective, and might never be.

I do not see Blu-Ray M-Disk Millenniata for sale, but the M-Disk DVDs are quite expensive.

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