Suggestions on a tablet for pp? a few q's...

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Re: How safe is back up to HDD on a trip??

bill hansen wrote:

Have you used it, or do you know anyone who has used it?

I have the Kingston Mobilelite which is a similar device. It has the wireless, SD card slot, USB port for connecting media readers or low powered devices, and internal battery. I bought it to use with my phone a while back. The thing to like about it is that once the transfer starts, file or folder level, you can disconnect your phone/tablet and the transfer will continue. If you hit the hotel to change before dinner, you can pop in a card and transfer the files without worry that you will need to stick around for it to finish. You don't even have to do this gracefully, you can just walk out of the wireless range with your phone if you like.

The wireless connection can be bridged so that when you connect your phone or tablet, you can also connect to the Internet. This allows the app to send files out directly from the card without having to import them into the device. Email and social sites are supported.

It can be used as a normal card reader when connected to the charging/computer connecting USB port. The USB charging port is the standard micro A USB port that most Android phones use, so you can charge the device in the hotel room from you phone charger while you are out and about, and then charge your phone when back in your room, while still having the unit using its battery to transfer files. These are probably standard features of all the like devices, but those are the things that I notice.

There's not much I can say other than it has just worked well for me. There have been a couple of firmware upgrades and the app for the phone gets updated from time to time as well. I'm pleased with it.

Thank you

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