Nikon AW110 price drop...

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Re: Nikon AW110 price drop...

odtbibi2 wrote:

I would like to benefit from the price drop to buy one... but I'm still hesitating with buying just a dicapac for my iphone. Is the image quality better than a iphone?

I've read a lot of review telling that the quality isn't very good?

I have been out kayaking with people with iphones. and have seen there pictures afterwards. The Iphone SUCKS its that simple. I have seen there sunset pictures mostly and they looked blurry and very noisy. BUT they were happy with the results. So go figure. Not saying its not possible to get a ok picture from an iphone but there must be very good technique to get a good picture as I just have not seen any but have seen plenty of blurry noisy ones from iphones. Maybe the people using the the phone just have no clue how to hold still? I have heard of good pictures from an iphone but I personally have only seen crappy ones. Plus drop that phone in the water and say good bye to that pricey phone, hope you have insurance. Don't even get that phone even slightly wet as one guy I know did and it was toast. Just got splashed by a wave when he had it out. They have a little piece of paper that changes color if it gets wet inside the phone so no lying about I didn't get it wet as they will know as my friend found out.

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