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You'll get no argument from me about older Android versions. I stayed well away from Android until it reached 2.3 or so (I forget what shipped on the first Galaxy Note).

And yes, the Note 10.1 has a huge battery (flat and wide), but even with a smaller battery reviews seemed positive (no pun intended) about the GNX battery life. It was one thing they all pretty much lauded. Startup times and somewhat clunky swapping between camera and core Android UI shells were less well received, as was the nutball pricing. No doubt, the thing could have used some refining.

A properly designed NX with standard external dials, fully optimized and engineered/updated Android shell would, IMO, be a fantastic device. The Galaxy NX missed that mark, with the caveat that I've yet to try one myself, it seems to me that it wasn't such a huge disaster as some here make it out to be - nor that Android OS was the primary culprit.

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