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Re: iPad Advantage over Surface Pro 2?

hyenadog wrote:

Sir Pics A Lot wrote:

What advantages does the iPad have over the Surface Pro 2?

4:3 screen ratio, retina screen and guarantee of manufacturer apps eg there is an ipad app for NEX but not a win 8 app

There is a way to run Android on top of Windows. It's a bit geek at this point, but it probably will be made easier to install and get running as time goes on. Personally I have an Android phone and a Windows tablet which is a much better solution for me. I'm going to have my phone with me, so replicating that experience on a tablet doesn't really buy me much, which is part of the reason I went with a Windows tablet. The OP is a little different in that there isn't a smart phone in the equation to address this.

I don't really like the iPad 3 Retina we have for travel, and for me, the smaller 7 and 8 inch tablets are a better fit. This makes it harder to do a lot of PP on the road, but I don't usually do much on the road as time is pretty expensive on a trip. I would prefer to be out going and doing. For photography, I mostly just want to be able to keyword tag and geotag my images, backup my SD cards, tethering to my DSLR, remote live view, and photo review. My cameras don't have wifi, Sony Nex-5n and Pentax k-5, so I'm using a USB video capture device to pull the live view feed into the tablet. This is possible since the tablet provides an USB port and Windows support for USB devices is probably a given for most devices.

The larger tablets aren't really the field portable solution I want, but for home or maybe at the hotel, they probably are the better solution for the larger screens. If I was going to buy a larger tablet, I would want one with a keyboard dock, the Surface Pro/Pro2, Asus T100, or the Dell Venue 11 Pro with its keyboard dock. The Asus T100 is the least expensive option, but the Dell Venue 11 Pro is the only tablet I know of with a user replaceable battery. I've had many laptops and cell phones over the years, and the first thing to go has always been the battery. I would pay the extra for the Venue 11 Pro just for this, as I tend to use my hardware for as long as possible.

The iPad 3 Retina we bought for my wife  a while back as I have been using the desktop more and more for photography. We were thinking it would be a good solution for her needs and it was the first tablet we bought. It hasn't really worked out as well as we hoped it would. We are going to try the mini next I think, but we sort of want to pass the iPad 3 on to a family first before moving on. Sort of a limbo period for now. I bought my side of the family all Android tablets, but her side of the family is more into iPad as the niece was required to buy one for school. The parents are pretty mad about that as the school hasn't really made use of the tablets in any way, so it has been an unnecessary expense. It's just one of those marketing things the school does to seem more relevant I guess. It's too late now to change, the school still requires her to have the iPad anyway, and Facetime has become the way we keep in touch, and the way they keep in touch with the grandparents. We all live in different countries.

It's hard to argue with the price of the Surface Pro/Pro2 for the i5 CPU, storage, and ram. All the other similarly equipped Windows tablets are more expensive than the Pro models. The Atom based Windows tablets are much less expensive and although they have less powerful hardware, they seem to provide a good enough experience in my opinion. It's a different level of hardware and expense, so there is going to be a need to have different expectations going in. I want portability, lower price as it is a portable and things are more likely to happen to it, and still a workable solution.

Thank you

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