Suggestions on a tablet for pp? a few q's...

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Re: Suggestions on a tablet for pp? a few q's...

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Hi! I'm looking at getting my first tablet, and I've never had a smart phone, so: please bear with me if these are dumb questions ;).

I'm posting here because I'm hoping to get one that 'plays well' with my NEX5R, if there's one that's easier to work with for a newbie? I'd like to be able to use it for post-processing, and maybe for remote viewing/control - (is that an option?) We'd use it on trips, for backing up and viewing photos, so does that mean I should go with one that has a memory card slot?

Do people prefer Android, Apple or Windows in cases like this? which has the best tablet apps for pp?

Tablets with Wacom styluses are intriguing, but how much better are they for writing and pp than capacitive styluses?

Our main computer runs Windows, if that means anything. Budget is up to about 500. Thanks for any help you can give to get me off the fence!

It's a no brainer as far as i am concerned, get an iPad Air, best user experience, great screen, great selection of software. Only problem is that once you view your photos on the iPad Air, you'll most likely want to get a better computer monitor.


spot on Joel, i far prefer PC's to OSx(apple) but the retina screen and 4:3 screen ratio (along with the guarantee of manufacturer apps) are the reasons i got an ipad 4

.. remember though IOS takes up a fair bit of the default 16GB (scam really) you get .. and apple im sure to force you to upgrade also makes it difficult for apps to release memory (another scam to force you to upgrade) so you will really struggle with 16GB .. get 32GB at least ... thats my only regret really getting the 16GB rather than the 32GB

wifi drives only do so much you will still have to transfer from the wifidrive to the ipad to do anything on the files

"IOS takes up a fair bit of the default 16GB (scam really)" Try to get a 16GB windows tablet. In fact, check to see how much room is left on a 32GB windows tablet. iOS 6 took up about 2GB. iOS7 takes up about 3.1GB.

"also makes it difficult for apps to release memory (another scam to force you to upgrade) so you will really struggle with 16GB"

Which iOS are you using? Pre-iOS 7, just hit the home button twice and click on the programs in memory with a "X" and you can clear them. In iOS7, do the same and swipe up on the screen icon.

"wifi drives only do so much you will still have to transfer from the wifidrive to the ipad to do anything on the files"

Nope. With the latest ones, you can copy the files from your SD card to the hard drive, edit them on the hard drive, and save them to, say, Dropbox or Box.

If you own an iPad, make an appointment with an Apple Store, come with a list of your questions, and spend perhaps 30-40 minutes learning how to do what you clearly don't understand.

Anyone who owns an Asus can go to the Asus store in your local mall and ask them. Or a Best Buy salesman.

Or if a Surface, to the Microsoft island in your local mall. See what the guy manning it knows. You don't need an appointment.

Wow, I'm just stunned. You seem to know an awful lot about what the OP needs, based on your own ideals about the iPad. I see you didn't rebutt a single one of the items I listed, didn't even try because you are completely out of your depth... You make all these broad claims and then have nothing to back them up with other than some snippets you read on the internet.

Well actually it is you and the others in this thread with your iPad blinkers on that cause this thread to degrade. Instead of letting people share their experiences and let the OP make up theie own mind, you constantly have to howl down any other suggestions with your cult of iPad nonsense. Between you and Joel you seem to think if you shout it enough and if you keep 'proving' it by talking about user base you'll get another in your cult.

Lets look at it another way, who has a bigger installed user base - OS X or Windows? Forget about iPad for a minute. If you want professional software for professional tasks these are the two systems most will turn to.

People don't turn to an oversized phone to get serious work done, simple as that. With real systems for getting work done you have those two choices and unfortunately (for me) Apple has a really limited selection of hardware choices for that, you can have a laptop, a slightly bigger laptop or a bigger laptop again OR you can have a desktop, a bigger desktop or a bigger desktop.

Sadly then, Windows is the only professional choice OS that also runs on a variety of hardware, including tablet devices. I wish there was a Mac option, but there is not. An iPad is the point and shoot of the tablet world, but great if all you want is a point and shoot.

You start off by saying that the OP only wants something simple, however the question is 'what is the best tablet for PP?' and that my friend is not the iPad.

The problem here is that the OP asked a non specific question that can't be answered properly without more detail as to what type of PP he is looking for and plans to do on the tablet, so the responses are all over the place.  Then the OP does nothing to clarify his question as 10s of responses only create more opinions based on nothing specific to the undeclared needs of the OP.  Then he ask a totally stupid question about "Is Android worthless", instead of finally clarifying his initial question.  Had he done the slightest bit of research before he posed the question, then posed a clear question to enable good and not so good alternatives to be presented by responders, this thread would have been concluded hours ago without all this drama.



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