Suggestions on a tablet for pp? a few q's...

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Re: Suggestions on a tablet for pp? a few q's...

I like my surface pro. I have original 128GB model. I can use lightroom on it which is the main reason for me to have windows tablet. With 24MB a77 it's nice to have that extra space for raw files. The screen is 1080p ips and processor is i5 which are the things that you will lose with cheaper models from other manufacturers. 1st gen battery life is quite bad but gen 2 is better. Surface pro can also output to 2560x1440 which is something every tablet can't.

Wacom digitizer is great but I found it easier to use mouse for PP. For drawing the pen is the way to go. Lack of keyboard dock that allows it work is a let down. The current models rely on the stand behind the tablet for support. This is not ideal for most cases.

Compared to other OSes I windows allows quire nice multitasking. I can divide the screen to two parts and run different software on them no matter if they are tile or desktop type programs. Or use desktop mode as in normal windows pc. 1080p screen has enough pixels for this to work. Lower amount might be too little.

If you use lightroom you will also need keyboard for optimal use. Therefor if you want windows model I'd recommend something with good dock, 1080p screen, digitizer and enough ssd space. Something that dell or lenovo might have.

I don't know if you can remote control nex with it though.

I've used android and ipad tablets and I feel that windows is better just for that screen dividing for productivity and consume. I am even now watching netflix and writing this :). If other tablets can do this I stand corrected.

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