What are advantages of Df over D600/D610

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Re: What are advantages of Df over D600/D610

Df makes a cleaner file at higher ISOs with no fuss. I tried hard to avoid topping ISO 3200 with my D800, not just because of noise, but also because of color shifts and loss of dynamic range. The D600 is about the same, though both of these high res cameras do very well overall. In good light they are superior and have more features than the Df.

With the Df you get the following....

1) Best high ISO results available. Yes, you can downsize, tweak D600/D800 files and get good results, but the Df will do it better more often and more easily.

2) Df is smallest/lightest Nikon FX camera

3) Df has TWO sets of controls. You can use the dials OR command wheels. I use both and it's fun!

4) Df is a beautiful camera, engaging to use.

I can make a longer list of D600 advantages. The Df is a high caliber expensive niche product and not for everyone. The folks who it's NOT for are upset about that. The rest of us are in heaven and the Df has replaced my D800 for most uses. I'm still using the D800 for shooting jewelry and other products.



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