EM-1 uses Panasonic sensor per Chipworks

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bobn2 wrote:

tt321 wrote:

At least the camera division was not obliged to source all of its sensors from the sensor division. So why is the sensor division obliged to supply its best tech only to the camera division?

Is there any evidence at all that the sensor division was obliged to supply its best tech only to the camera division?

The way these things usually work is:

Contract is made with customer.

In the end, the product has to be profitable, so R&D must be paid.

If a customer pays all the R&D, they can usually have (and will want) an exclusive - that is no other customer can use the product they paid for. If they don't, the supplier is able to sell on the open market to make it profitable overall.

So, most likely, Olympus didn't get the 'best tech' because it wouldn't pay for it.

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