7D USB port suddenly didn't function

Started Feb 6, 2014 | Questions thread
RS_RS Senior Member • Posts: 1,788
Re: 7D USB port suddenly didn't function

Joe Pa wrote:

There is a potential problem when cameras are connected through USB hubs. Some cameras can demand a lot of power and if the hub isn't a powered hub or not capable of powering all of the devices connected to it, it can cause power surge reversal which blows the USB port on the camera and possibly additional circuitry in the camera.

I would expect a camera to be powered by its own battery when connected as a USB client, and consequently not to need to draw power from the USB connection. Do you have any evidence for EOS bodies that this is not the case?

I always connect my camera directly to the PC but for those that use hubs, make sure they are powered hubs and can deliver the required power to all devices plugged in.

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