Suggestions on a tablet for pp? a few q's...

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Mel Snyder
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This is NUTS! The guy's never had a tablet!

patriotspyke wrote:

Now now, we all know Ipad is by far the best, I mean look at evolution and what has been added since launch.... FINGERPRINT RECOGNITION hands down winner, case closed

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Yes, but I can edit on a flight all the way from Boston to Buenos Aires without plugging in. You'll make it to what, Dallas? And when you get there, and there's a problem with your Asus, who in Taiwan do you call for help? Or if you drop it and break the screen, who in Buenos Aires do you go to to get it fixed?

This started as a thread about a guy who's never owned a tablet of any kind wanting to know what he should buy for under $500. 200 million people, most of whom have never owned a tablet before, have voted with their pocketbooks, and continue to buy more of them than all other tablets combined. A newcomer just wants a tablet he can do simple stuff with, like import images from his SD card, make a few simple edits with an easy to use app, and maybe send them to friends and folks back home on his travels.

His budget is $500. For that, he can buy a certified 64GB iPad 3 directly from Apple with a retina screen and a 1 year warranty.  He can walk into any of more than 400 Apple stores anywhere in the world and get free help with any question he has. He can call a toll-free number and get splendid help by phone. He has access to more photo apps than he could ever hope for, free.

It's not about horsepower or owning the meanest power tablet on the market. Wacom input and other options are for the 1%.

For the rest of us, we're just photographers who love their little Sony cameras. I'm surprised how many forum members just want auto ISO and nothing to do with PP of RAW at all. They want the same qualities in a tablet - simple, reliable, no fuss. Would that Sony had the degree of support that Apple provides free.

As for advances since launch, they're epic. And no matter what any company anywhere in the world has done to produce more technically superior devices, none have dented either the consumer or enterprise market. The anti-Apple forces remind me of the Tea Party types the morning after each Obama victory - "How could so many people be so stupid as to vote differently than us?"

I personally resisted all Apple products until the launch of the iPad. I stuck with DOS until 1990. I stuck with Windows against all Mac products, even after my kids both went MacBook. The iPad smacked me in the face. It was transformational, and I wasn't too proud to admit my stubbornness had stood in the way of enjoying a superior experience. I haven't missed liberation from msconfig or system restore or crashes that lost files. I don't miss my $400/year onsite service contract payments because of an IBM/Lenovo part failed. I don't miss paying Microsoft huge amounts of money for new OS. I don't miss buying Norton or McAfee every year, or constantly running malware and trojan-seeking programs. I don't miss paid tech support people telling me it's not the hardware, call Microsoft.

I walk into my local Apple store with a rare problem, I get a smart Genius Bar tech who finds it and fixes it. He or she never blame it on someone else. If I own an Apple device and I'm not happy, it's Apple's problem, and they're there to make it right. And they do. No charge.

If Sony gave that kind of support, 90% of these forum posts would disappear. And they'd knock both Nikon and Canon off their higher horses within 5 years.

Your Windows machine or tablet has a problem, who are you going to call? - Steve Ballmer? What does THAT guy know about your machine?

This is my last post on this thread. Like so many, it's degenerated way off the topic of the OP. I'm just pleased to see I didn't initiate it this time.

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