Former Canon user moving to a77, question about lenses.

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Re: Former Canon user moving to a77, question about lenses.

CTR1 wrote:

So from what I gather based on your post as well as the others' responses, I can't buy lenses that would work 100% on FF and crop sensor cameras?

Um, no.  All the A mount lenses work on all the A mount cameras with near universal compatibility. No screwy software limitations, except for the lenses designed specifically for the smaller sensor not covering the whole full frame sensor, but the camera has some functions to make up for that. (the biggest exceptions to the rule is a 20 year old Sigma lens)

All of the A mount lenses will work on the A77. The full frame lenses will work just fine on the crop sensor, the only real downside is they may be heavier or larger than necessary, but there is no loss of functionality.

On the A99, all the full frame lenses will work as expected. The DT, crop frame lenses, will work in a crop mode on the camera. With Sony's lenses it will use this mode automatically when the lens is mounted, with Sigma or other 3rt party lenses there is a menu option to use the crop sensor mode.

The full frame lenses work on both, no hindrances or issues.

Sony "E" mount, SEL model lenses are made for the NEX, ILCE cameras, and won't fit the A mount A77 or A99, entirely different mount / flange distance. (there is a adapter to put the A mount on the E amount cameras, but not the other direction).

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