Lenstip tests the DA 20-40 F2.8-4 Limited lens!

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Re: Lenstip rambles in absolutes

klimbkat wrote:

KL Matt wrote:

As many have said above, and drawn a much finer picture: for those who like the DA 20-40, it is a remarkable lens made for 3D rendition of landscapes and portraits,

Your complaints are clearly fanboyism and/or ignorance.


So you must have had a poor experience with your copy? Ignorance would refer to someone who was without an experience, right?

Heh Doug,

So you're saying Zvonomir has one?

The experience (and lack thereof) I'm referring to is about Pentax Limited Pixie Dust, not first-hand experience with this particular Limited lens. Yes, I actually do think there may be something a little bit special about the rendering of certain Pentax lenses. But no, I do not think it has anything to do with "3D rendering," which is neither measurable nor definable in any way that you could get large numbers of people to be able to see and agree upon. If it does even exist, it's simply a combination of other qualities: smoothish bokeh, high microcontrast, good color rendering. But that doesn't make an image "3D". You have to rely on your own imagination for that.

I say this as someone who owns all three FA limiteds and 3 out of the (5 now?) DA Limiteds. They're damn fine lenses in my opinion, perhaps with the exception of the DA 21 which has awful bokeh in most situations that you would see bokeh with it. But it's not like they do some magical thing that makes the images look "3D" which other lenses can't do. They have good contrast, even wide open, and many of these lenses also offer exceptionally high resolution in the frame center when stopped down a bit. But other lenses, many of them at a fraction of the price, can do that, too.  Surely the FA 77 is a very special lens as is the FA 31. The FA 43 is funky and fun. The DA Limiteds are very small yet competent (the DA 70 looks pretty awesome rendering wise, but I don't have it because I've got the 77).

Still, when I put the FA 31 up against the much less expensive FA 35 f/2, which it shares a basic optical formula with, I was very surprised how minimal the differences were. But please prove me wrong -- like I said, I'm open to other opinions. I'm judging this lens by the images I've seen from you and others, and I'm not buying it any time soon based on those. I do understand you're very happy with yours, and I'm glad to hear that. You certainly have a lot more information to judge the lens on than I do.


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