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It should be noted that you can fine tune more than one lens and that the camera knows which lens is fitted. So it is a simple case of set and forget. I have one D7100 with the Sigma 18-35 f1.8 attached. That is the only lens that was OK and did not need fine tuning.

Do not forget to actually "turn off" the AF fine tune feature when a lens that does not require tuning is mounted as it being enabled can (rare case) adversely affect focus in some situations.

Shoot the wall at an angle ! about 35 -45 degrees will do. No point in shooting a wall flat on. When you have finished, you can check by taking two shots of the wall flat on... First shot using live view and the second shot as normal. If the lens is correct then it will be hard to see any difference.

Do not check focus or determine focus using an angled subject. The horizontal and vertical nature of the arrays (center of array does not always lock focus) can make using a angled target give false results. CDAF will always lock on to where you pointed it at...not the case with PDAF.

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Yes I know.... I said too shoot the wall flat to test for sharpness at the end for using live view and normal ! The wire helps no end for for accurate focus when shooting at an angle. More than anything I always assume that people also have eyes. First rule is to look

Thank you for the tip too   Although the lenses I use on that camera are all tuned.

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