Suggestions on a tablet for pp? a few q's...

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Mel Snyder
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Re: How safe is back up to HDD on a trip??

bill hansen wrote:

Do any of you worry about loss of data (images) when backing up to HDD on a trip? It's fine when you're at home and the HDD isn't going through TSA, bounced around in the airplane/taxi/etc - but I wonder how often all that bouncing etc causes HD failure. Almost never? This is a serious question, because in a few months I'm going on a long trip where I'll need a small portable computer, ideally one on which I could safely back up images/video which will (probably) total at least 100GB.

The idea of being able to back up to SDD, which I think is immune to all the bumping and jostling, is very appealing. Very expensive too, I imagine.

So - reliability and speed of backup, flexibility to do some very light sorting and editing of images, and affordability. Those are my wishes.

BTW - if it matters - I'm currently using a PowerPC desktop to edit in PS6, a Dell laptop (no editing on that) for when my wife is using the desktop computer, and a Kindle Fire HD 8.9 tablet for light general use when traveling. The Kindle doesn't have an SD slot or a USB port, unfortunately.

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Bill Hansen
Ithaca NY, USA

Bill - check out this device - it should let you import your images from SD cards to your Kindle AND back them up to a portable hard drive. Now, you just need an Android editing program.

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