Lenstip tests the DA 20-40 F2.8-4 Limited lens!

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Re: Lenstip tests the DA 20-40 F2.8-4 Limited lens!

citrontokyo wrote:

citrontokyo wrote:


I want value for money and the 20-40 just doesn't give it

Pretty much everyone who owns the lens and has used it in the field disagrees with this. The size, range, WR, etc. of the DA 20-40 Ltd. may not be what you are after, but there is no other offering by Pentax or others that delivers what this little package does. The MTF measurements are in the range of other good Pentax glass, near to what the primes produce, but do not really measure "rendition." I've had the DA* 16-50 since 2008, and while I like it and have used it a lot (10s of thousands of shots), it is much larger (bigger holster and case), much heavier, and does not deliver better IQ or rendition than the DA 20-40. In fact, in the f8 to f16 landscape range I typically shoot, the DA 20-40 seems cleaner and sharper with better color rendition and micro contrast. Thus, there is plenty of value to me, the same kind of value I see in the limited primes like the DA 15, the FA 43, and the DA 70, but with zoom flexibility and WR.

The DA 18-55 WR offers the same, but for much cheaper.

Seriously? I guess that if the 18-55 meets your needs, who can possibly argue with that?

If you check out the Lens Tip review of the 18-55, you'll see that it gets a very similar summary list of pros and cons, with the significant difference being in price.

Once price enters into the equation, it's hard to justify buying the DA 20-40 while the 18-55 is available, or indeed, included with your camera.

Furthermore, all this talk about it being a great landscape lens when stopped down means very little. There are a multitude of lenses that perform similarly, when stopped down, and the 18-55 is one. It's also light, small and WR.

Please.  While I suppose we can always argue about the price to value ratio (which varies from user to user), the 18-55 is simply not in the same league.  I've posted plenty of shots in relatively large format from the 20-40 over the last 2 months (my copy was $900 from B&H on Black Friday).  Lets see your equivalent shots with the 18-55, if you have any.  If not, this is all just noise.

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