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Re: How safe is back up to HDD on a trip??

bill hansen wrote:

Do any of you worry about loss of data (images) when backing up to HDD on a trip?

I back up to slower larger cheaper SD cards. I keep the original SD cards with my gear that I carry about and have the back up cards stay in the hotel room safe or whatever. A couple of large cards has been all I need for back up and I can put a couple SD cards in a travelers wallet when I am moving with my luggage and gear, so the two copies aren't as likely to be stolen together. If I haven't gone crazy with shooting, I usually split the backup cards so each card has a copy of the files, so I actually have three sets of files to work with, so one set on me, one set in the luggage, one set with my gear. There's always the possibility of mailing a card back home with a backup set as well on longer trips.

Thank you

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