EM-1 uses Panasonic sensor per Chipworks

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Re: What difference does it make?

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It was subcontracted by Olympus to Panasonic, but it is Olympus' design. It has better high ISO than the E-M5 according to dpreview and others, it has better DR, slightly higher resolution, color and great AF. Competition does wonderful things. Maybe next time Olympus will contract out with Fuji or Toshiba for their sensors.

Maybe next time Oly will outsource the sensor to Fuji, Toshiba, or any other company, but this time it was a Panasonic, and for me it does make a difference.

Oly does not outsouce, because they do not design sensors - they buy sensor designed and manufactured by others.

Others design them to their specifications. Just like Nikon and Pentax do with Sony and Toshiba, so Olympus apparently does with Sony and Panasonic. I don't really care and I didn't like Panasonic technology for a long while, but at this point I don't see what the fuss is all about.

Your previous posts suggest that you think that another company (you mentioned Fuji & Toshiba) could produce a comparable quality sensor because all they would have to do is use Oly's design specifications. However, the impact of end-user specifications on the quality of the sensor is a minimal part of the sensor quality. For example, the sensor in the D800/e has some Nikon specific specifications. Nevertheless, the quality of the sensor in the D800/E is almost entirely due to Sony engineering.

As for your comment that you "don't see what the fuss is all about", some of us think it is nice to see that Panasonic can produce a sensor of this quality.

I think people confuse types of specification. What the camera design teams will issue is a 'requirements specification', dictating pixel count, readout rates, some performance thresholds, etc. Typically, that requirements specification will form the pass of an invitation to tender, and they will choose what they think is the best. The best might include many considerations, price, security of supply, inventory management and by how much the exceed the requirements specification - that is a company will not always choose the best performing sensor. Nikon has been seen to shop around, and now too it seems that Olympus is.

The nonsense that this whole 'who makes Olympus' sensors' argument is based on is that Panasonic wouldn't 'give' Olympus their best sensors. More likely, Olympus was unprepared to put the investment into sourcing better sensors, thinking it could go on with the old ones. Now, under a new management, it is putting some investment in and has sourced at least two leading edge sensors from different manufacturers.

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