Lenstip tests the DA 20-40 F2.8-4 Limited lens!

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Re: Lenstip tests the DA 20-40 F2.8-4 Limited lens!

leopold wrote:

Well another review that seems to stumble on the price and comparing the lens to the Sigma. They were designed for 2 different purposes and you will not use them for the same subject in general.

Sure you can do landscape with the Sigma (it was on my list), but the flare, weight and size stopped me.

The DA20-40mm Ltd needs to be used in the field to show what it can do.

And that is the only kind of use that is relevant, isn't it?

Lenstip reviews are interesting, but I would't base my lens purchases on them. Besides, the reasoning behing getting the Sigma 18-35 into the summary completely escapes me as well. It is a totally different design, aimed at different use. The Da20-40 is a lens designed to take out on whatever trip in whatever weather, a carry all day long and everywhere lens. To ignore that completely and merely hammer on its optical weaknesses when compared to the Sigma 18-35, and bemoan its price tag on top of that, well...

Optically perfect lenses are great, no CA's, corners perfectly sharp, no vignetting and distortion free. But that doesn't mean that a lens like the DA20-40 cannot take very good pictures, and how many people are going to view at 100% searching for corner softness, CA's or whatever? The overall rendition, character, color, contrast are most likely more important.

Besides, I don't think they should do their review on a K5, when there's the K3 to test it with.

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