Camera to satisfy "action" needs: 6D or 70D?

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Jonathan Brady
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Re: Camera to satisfy "action" needs: 6D or 70D?

Thanks everyone for the suggestions/info!  Right now, I'm leaning towards the 70D (when finances allow).  While I'd prefer the better image quality and low light performance of the 6D, I'm thinking the AF point spread will be too limiting (I already find my 60D AF point spread limiting and the 6D - from what I can tell - is even MORE concentrated in the center of the frame and I think that would drive me bonkers).  I also think the FPS increase for the 70D would be hugely helpful.  Finally, the cost being lower isn't so much a factor as it is a fantastic side effect!

I don't NEED an upgraded camera, but I definitely would like one and believe it would allow me to capture more keepers.  However, I may just wait to see what the oft-rumored 7D replacement will offer.  I'd prefer the size and weight of an XXD (and cost, obviously) but if the 7D replacement trumps it handily then... well...

Again, I appreciate y'all helping me out and getting my head straight on this!

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