5Diii over 6D - any advantage for focus-recompose method?

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Re: Operator error

9/ That's because the distance from the camera to the outside target is farther than the distance from the camera to the wall that is straight ahead.

I had no idea that the sensor in a full-frame camera was physically spherical, like our own eye's retina. I was always confused when the manuals used the terminology "focal plane" when clearly this was not true. Thanks for setting us straight (or rather, curved).

Joking aside, your theory has some holes and some merit.  An ideal rectilinear lens should project onto the focal plane, and the flat sensor should be at that focal plane.  Objects in a plane that is ahead of the camera, such as your two adverts on a wall, should all be in focus at the same moment, and the camera should be adjusted to ensure this.  Now, there are situations where a lens does not perform according to the ideal, and the focal edge sensors may also be out of adjustment, but nowhere near your taught-string spherical projection model.


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