NEW DP QUATTRO is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: NEW DP QUATTRO is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is still a bit vague for me! trouble is I'm a bit thick and need this spelled out

Let me explain my own internal rationalisation so you can understand my thought processes (and hopefully spot the error).

Let's imagine we are photographing a chess board type thing with the camera neatly arranged so one square on the board exactly fits one pixel in the final picture. That means each square is aligned with each 3 photosite triplet stack. Let's also imagine that this is a very odd chessboard in that all the squares are white except for one in the middle of the board. Let's also imagine that the black square is the one we are interested in.

So with the traditional X3 sensor (and let's pretend it's a RGB sensor), the black square (say, RGB 5,5,5) will record as RGB 5,5,5 and all the surrounding white squares (say RGB 250,250,250) will record accurately as 250, 250, 250.

With the quattro things are somewhat different.

The top layer will accurately measure the black square's blue value and accurately measure the white squares' blue values. Good.

But the g and r layers can't see the little black and white squares because the photosites are 4 times bigger. So what they will see is the black square + bits of lots of surrounding white squares.

And the only thing they can do with information is average it all together to produce and average green value from blending together everything in the (large field of view) of the green photosite and an average red level from the field of view of the large red phototsite. Those average levels g and r values will then be fed back to all 4 of the top layer pixels

So the quattro top layer will see blue value of pixel 1, blue value of pixel 2, blue level of pixel 3, blue level of pixel 4

the green layer will see a bit of green from square 1 + a bit of white from the next square + a bit of white from the next square + a bit of white from the next square.

The same from the red layer.

So, in effect, only the blue channel sees one square at each spatial location, the green and red layers will see a mix of neighbouring squares that is the same for all 4 of the small blue layer pixels.

This means that at every spatial location the colour is wrong because it has an accurate value for the blue value and a fudged average of the black square and several of its white neighbours for the green and red layers.

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