Former Canon user moving to a77, question about lenses.

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Re: Former Canon user moving to a77, question about lenses.

The A77 is a hugely capable camera.  I moved from Canon a couple of years ago (50D) and haven't looked back.

The IQ and handling of Sony's cameras really is first class and at the time I was upgrading the 7D was starting to look long in the tooth and I have never liked Nikon's (purely subjective - I am sure they are excellent cameras).

Just a note regarding the 'kit' 1650 lens that generally comes with the A77.  I use the ' ' because this is not your usual cheapo kit lens, it is a very serious piece of glass.  f2.8 across the range, weather sealing and a 72mm diameter front element.  I shoot with it most of the time and rarely feel the need to stick a prime on.

Agree with the recommendation on the book, read it and learn all the features of the A77 and you will have a great time!

+1 on moving from Canon and also sold all my Canon L glass and moved to Sony a77, NEX, and Zeiss glass. Really glad I did. Full time EVF Live View is a leap into the 21st century from old school Canon.


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