Autofocus correct or not?

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Re: Autofocus correct or not?

l_d_allan wrote:

Atoche wrote:

or check with the dot focus method. Use live view on the stationary well lit target to obtain optimal focus, then simply turn off AF - half press the shutter while in manual - if you get the confirmation beep - everything is ok, if not, you will need MFA.... looking for the link now.....

The MagicLantern firmware has automated the dot-tune approach to micro-focus-adjustment.

I have always been a bit suspicious of the DotTune method, partly because you get a very wide range of AFMA settings over which the AF light comes on, and the method simply assumes that the best choice is the mid-point of that range, and partly because the method does not exercise the actual AF mechanism of the lens, just looks at what the AF sensor thinks the lens ought to do. I now have quite extensive experience with Reikan FoCal Pro, and in the light of that I would not now rely on any version of the DotTune method, automated or otherwise.

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