NEW DP QUATTRO is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: NEW DP QUATTRO is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DMillier wrote:

Ok, so each member of a group of 4 in the top layer gets unique information. But each member has to share the 2nd layer and 3rd layer information with its neighbours.

So, each colour triplet will differ only in the value of the top layer.

Thought experiment:

If you had a 4 pixel sensor and used it to image 4 coloured dots aligned exactly under the array you might have something like:

4 dots of RGB colour:

128, 56, 46;

250, 8, 20;

56, 78, 12;

24, 18, 39

With an idealised X3 sensor you would get a file with RGB

128, 56, 46;

250, 8, 20;

56, 78, 12;

24, 18, 39

But a quattro sensor is going to average the g and b layers and these will be the same for all 4 locations and only the top layer will be different hence:

128, avg(56,8,78,18), avg(46,20,12,39);

250, avg(56,8,78,18), avg(46,20,12,39);

56, avg(56,8,78,18), avg(46,20,12,39);

24, avg(56,8,78,18), avg(46,20,12,39);

So what is this going to do to colour and spatial resolution?

EDIT: At a superficial level this would suggest the colour of every pixel is going to be wrong so it can't work like this.

The color is going to be interpolated so in a way "wrong."  It's a question of "how wrong"  The g & b layers shouldn't be averaged- they are simply from the get go 1/4th the resolution.  I suppose the sensing in a bigger area could be seen as averaging but I am not sure that's the case.

Spatial resolution- the blue layer is being used for it.  For objects that are not reflecting any blue, it will be more erroneous. For those who reflect some blue it will be more accurate.

There will be some artifacts, sure. The question is how common, how they are dealt with. I don't think anyone at this point can tell you what exactly those will look like.  I think they will manage overall to come ahead with a better result vs Merrill.

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