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Interesting point...

Johan Borg wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

the resolution for green and red

1. There are no "blue green red" in Foveon. The layers are

Ψ1 = f1(Luminosity) + φ1(Blue)

Ψ2 = f2(Luminosity) + φ2(Yellow)

Ψ3 = f3(Luminosity) + φ3(Magenta)

2. Two bottom layers in the X3 arrangement are not sharp, especially the bottom one.

Not sure it's related, but Usee mentioned over in the announcement comments that red will hit diffraction limit faster than blue, so you may not lose much/any color resolution in a real life scenario compared to a Merrill sensor.

That's an interesting point. In this case Ψ3 = f3(Luminosity) + φ3(Magenta)

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