NEW DP QUATTRO is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: NEW DP QUATTRO is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HBowman wrote:

Point is the major problems of the current foveon technology is fixed with this new chip.

- The files weight less.

- The processing time in camera is far quicker, New chip AND new sensor. It is designed to be quick and efficient.

- Battery autonomy.

- New SPP.

- 14 bits raw vs 12 bit.

- Better dynamic range, by far.

It is still a foveon chip, extremely optimized. The 4.5 mp RED and GREEN layers are what SIGMA thought would be essential for color capturing.

You lose the color resolution and per-photosite 3x capture.  It should be better overall, otherwise Sigma wouldn't be going for this, but it's not an automatic freebie in everything.

Not all Foveon advantages carry. For example, you can now have color moire, which was not possible with the other Foveons.  You won't have the same color resolution- a piece of cloth that is red will not be 19.6 MP of red resolution.

But I also expect the overall set of compromises to play out better.

And for the design, you'll get used to it.

Now, this architecture might be very interesting because it merge speed and foveon advantages. It is probably now possible to go full frame.

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