NEW DP QUATTRO is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: NEW DP QUATTRO is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PrebenR wrote:

ChristianHass wrote:

From what I can gather it works on the same basic principle as the X3 sensors, but the resolution in the second and third layer are 25% of the top layer resolution. This means that for each block of 4 blue photosites there is only 1 green and 1 red site which will provide the green and red input for all 4 photosites.

But in addition you have the top layer and from this you can get the differences in luminance within this 2x2 square.

Yes, but not color.

This should give less noise in the green/red channels due to larger photosites, but it will of course give less color resolution. The conversion will not be as clear cut as with the X3 sensors where you had distinct color input for every photosite, but I'm guessing the overall penalty for reducing the red/green color resolution is smaller than the gains in luminance resolution and ISO noise.

If you experiment with the Monochrome mode in SPP you will see that the most important information is in the top layer.

If you do that you are effectively using the B&W as if you applied a blue filter or a partial blue filter. I already demonstrated this some time back with images showing the effect.  Of course, it sure beats counting in the Merill red layer which is quite noisy.

So in the case of this sensor with clever interpolating for luminance, I expect it to do for BW rather well.

Having 30 million photosites instead of 45 million to collect and compute will also mean less power drain and faster writes.

Of course this is all based on what I've been able to gather this morning, so I might be completely off, but I don't think I am

Don't think you are, but have faith. I think Sigma knows what they are doing.

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