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Re: Larger battery

PrebenR wrote:

Raist3d wrote:.

300 shots would be nice as a minimum vs previous Merrill performance. 400 is a nice performance.

Not many compacts nor mirrorless have even 300 shots.

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Lightwriting with Sigma

Not entirely true. I can cram 700 shots out of my Sony NEX-5 and 7 cameras, and appr 500 out of my fullframe A7R quite easily. And that's casual single frame shooting over a day. Used for timelapse, the A7 lasts for approximately one hour if the camera is set to 5s interval, which equals 700+ frames.

With that said, I am quite interested in this new generation of Sigma DP cameras. Foveon tech has always intrigued me, but I have held off from buying because of the poor ISO performance, and this generation is maybe the one I've been waiting for. And I love the quirky exterior design. If the price is right, I'll be diving right in.

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